A Look Back at the Most Popular Insights of 2022

It has been a year of transformation and resilience. We came together as a community both in person and online through webcasts, podcasts, and virtual events. We also shared our wisdom, experiences, and challenges. Explore our curated selection of the most popular insights and perspectives from the past year as we continue to shape the cybersecurity industry as we know it.

Top-Rated Sessions of RSAC 2022

Preparation for OT Incident Response

While many industrial firms have a plan in place for dealing with an incident in their enterprise network, industrial networks are a discrete space with different challenges. Aside from simply requiring a separate incident response plan document, there are several preparatory steps which will greatly slow down response if not performed.

Atomic Red Team: Where Adversary Emulation and EDR Testing Meet

This popular talk reviewed the Atomic Red Team™, a library of simple, focused tests mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK® matrix. Get practical guidance on how to get started with testing, plus additional resources to further your ability to validate defenses and defenders.

Strong Story to Tell: Top 10 Mistakes by Administrators About Remote Work

The shift to remote work left businesses at a far higher risk of cyberattacks, largely due to their corporate infrastructure being exposed to new external attack vectors and threats. Learn the top 10 mistakes related to remote work security and solutions companies can implement to make the home office a safe workplace.

The Most Popular Webcast, Blog, and Podcast of 2022

From mitigating Russian state-sponsored threats to the great Superbowl QR debate, this past year certainly kept us all on our toes. Take a look back through the top insights of 2022 to help you prepare for 2023!

Mitigating Russian State-Sponsored Cyber Threats to US Critical Infrastructure

In this special edition webcast, FBI computer scientists, supervisory special agents, and an assistant director discussed Russian state-sponsored cyberthreats and risks to critical infrastructure.

The Super Bowl of Cybersecurity Outrage

The Coinbase ad during the 2022 Super Bowl sparked controversy among cybersecurity professionals. The 30-second spot that featured a bouncing QR code caused some outrage. Ira Winkler of Skyline Technology Solutions took a deep dive into the debate and explained what had cybersecurity professionals on edge.

Cybersecurity? Isn't it Really the Data Care Industry?

In this podcast, our guests discussed what's missing from the term 'cybersecurity' and how taking a 'Data Care' approach can help us build a more secure world.

Even More From the RSAC 365 Library

From Hacker Kid to Cyber Pro

This RSAC 365 podcast, featuring Paul Vann, shines a spotlight on the making of a cyber professional. He shares his inspiring story of growing from a "hacker kid" to becoming a developer working on a malware analysis tool, and his goals and aspirations for a future in the industry.

Bingo! 10 Security Standards in 2022 You Can’t Live Without

This RSAC 2022 Top-Rated Session covered the most important, interesting, and impactful technical standards of 2022. From the internet and all its things to the latest cybersecurity defenses, this session had it covered.

Transforming Security Champions

Security teams are vastly outnumbered, so many organizations have had to overcome this challenge with different program scaling methods, including building security champions programs. Find out how a security champion program works and how champions are chosen in this RSAC 2022 session.

Don’t Be a Victim—Preventing Cyberattacks in Schools, Colleges, and Universities

If you maintain any amount of personal data, you will inevitably become a target of a cyberattack. Although schools, colleges, and universities cannot prevent every single attack, they can reduce the likelihood an attack succeeds. This blog highlights four actions that will help secure a school’s network.

Log4j, the Cyber Event That Pushes for a Secure Software Development Lifecycle

The Log4j vulnerability, also known as Log for Java, has impacted companies such as Apple, Twitter, and Amazon. This blog will define what Log4j is and the steps we need to take to minimize the threats.

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