Justify Your Attendance

A Guide to Help You Get Approval to Attend RSAC 2023

RSA Conference is where the cybersecurity world comes together. You’ll gain insights, join in-depth conversations, and experience solutions that could make a huge impact on your organization and your career. With so much change happening in our industry, we’re here to help you stay ahead of it all. To ensure you can take advantage of all the knowledge and insights RSAC 2023 will offer, we’ve put together this guide to help you explain to your manager why attendance is so vital to the security of your organization.

The Benefits of Attendance

Raise your skillset to the next level. With hundreds of traditional and interactive sessions covering a wide range of topics, you’ll learn about the newest trends, threats, and solutions that can be applied immediately in your job. Plus, we partner with industry associations so that you’re eligible to receive CE credits.

Extend your industry connections. It’s a rare opportunity to have so many revolutionary thought leaders together at one time. There will be plenty of opportunities to interact and exchange ideas with professionals who have been through challenges you maybe didn’t even realize you had. RSAC 2023 will offer a variety of formats, from social events and formal group discussions to places where you can engage in casual conversations and hands-on learning.

Connect with pioneering innovations. The Expo opens the door to cybersecurity technology from some of the world’s leading vendors. This year, the Expo is back at full capacity so you know that every facet of cybersecurity will be represented. In addition to the Expo, you can get in on the ground floor with show-stopping innovation in the RSAC Early Stage Expo, where cybersecurity’s emerging talent show off their newest products and services.

To help explain the value of RSA Conference to your management, we’ve provided a business justification letter template. It’s an overview of the key Conference benefits and other important details that will demonstrate how beneficial attending is for you and your organization. Simply copy and paste this letter into an email to start the conversation.

Note: Anything in pink is intended to be customized by you to reflect your specific request.

Subject line: Request to attend RSA Conference 2023

Dear [Decision Maker Name],

I am requesting approval to attend RSA Conference 2023. The Conference takes place April 24 – 27, 2023, in San Francisco. Over the course of four days, I will be immersed in cutting-edge educational sessions led by experienced industry experts covering critical cybersecurity issues and emerging threats. Attending will not only help further my technical skills but will build my knowledge of new security innovations and best practices that can be used to help secure our organization. 

If I attend with a Full Conference Pass, I’ll participate in:

  • Hours of educational sessions that are relevant to our organization. This year’s program includes presentations Analytics, Intelligence & Response, Hackers and Threats, Risk Management & Governance, and Identity, to name a few.
  • Opportunities to understand the latest trends from industry leaders and guest speakers as well as learn firsthand about actual experiences from seasoned practitioners.
  • Networking events that will allow me to raise our company profile and develop relationships with experts, vendors, and peers.
  • Product demos and one-on-one meetings with vendors who offer technologies that might benefit our organization.



The approximate investment for my attendance is as follows (complete the information as appropriate):

Travel costs: $XXX
Accommodations: $XXX
Meals (X days at $XXX): $XXX

[Insert your pass type] (for days): $XXX*

*Cost varies depending on the registration discount period.

How our organization will benefit.
I believe the insights learned by attending RSAC 2023 can help avert costly cybersecurity incidents. According to DarkReading, the average cost of a data breach in 2022 soared to $4.4 million globally (up 13% from 2020 findings) and $9.4 million in the United States. That’s why it’s more important than ever before to attend. The cost of a Full Conference Pass seems a small price to pay for actionable insights to help our organization combat information security risk and the reputational damage that could result from even a minor compromise.

When RSAC 2023 concludes, I will compile a short presentation covering key insights, useful vendor product information, networking discussions, and a proposal for implementing new ideas that will benefit our team.

To receive the current discount, I need to register by [date].

Thank you for your consideration.

[Add standard sign off]

Secure Your Spot at RSAC 2023

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